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Welcome to the McFarland Girls Basketball Boosters Website


The McFarland Girls Basketball Boosters (MGBB) believe that the best way to provide a positive experience for our McFarland youth, is to focus on creating a positive environment full of opportunities for players of all skill levels. Teaching great fundamentals, developing a competitive attitude, and establishing the connection between teamwork and roles and how they relate to team success. These three core principles are the driving force for us as we continue to find a variety of ways to get the girls in the gym and playing this wonderful game of basketball with each other.  


McFarland residents and students enrolled in the McFarland School District can participate in our McFarland youth programs which include Fall Basketball,  Little Spartan Dribblers and Sharp Shooters program (or any additional programming). 


Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Basketball

MGBB 2023/2024 Season:

  • Registration opens in August.
  • Games typically run from November through mid-February with the BDL
    • This season it may be needed to extend through March based on availability of schools to host
  • Practices start as early as October and extend into February or March
  • Additional tournaments may be added to round out a season based on participation numbers
  • Post season play will be an additional cost if coaches and families have interest in extending their season


When do we practice?

  • Basketball scheduling works different than other sports. Other sporting activities can tell you what night, time and location you practice at every week before you sign up. For us, we rely on utilizing our schools and don't have access to scheduling until AFTER we need to secure our registration numbers. We need to coordinate scheduling with High School, Middle School, Elementary School, MRAP and McFarland Boys Basketball too. Scheduling is a complex puzzle where you need to find space where you can. 

My kids in other winter activities, can they still play with MGBB in the BDL?

  • Participants (and teams) have the best experience when basketball is a players number one priority in the winter. Teammates that miss practices for other activities have a tougher time learning team concepts and don't have as much time to develop their skills. They may struggle in game situations when they are as familiar with the team concepts they miss in practice.

Sharp Shooters 2023

Get rewarded for your summer shooting practice! Learn more and register here!

Little Spartan Dribblers 2023

Congratulations to our 2023 Little Spartan Dribblers on a great season and two outstanding performances! We'll see you again in January 2024!

To find details on past seasons, please see the Little Spartan Dribblers page.

McFarland Girls Youth Basketball Options

MGBB Programming (3rd-8th)

  • A competitive basketball program who participates in the Badger Development League in the local Madison area.
  • Registration takes place in August for the Winter Season
  • Games run anywhere from early November through mid-Februrary
  • 3rd Grade through 8th Grade teams for residents / students currently enrolled in McFarland School District
  • Additional tournaments are frequently leveraged to round out a season based on participation numbers and interest from coaches and families. 

MRAP Basketball through the School (3rd-4th)

  • Comparison Document below  to understand the differences between the two offerings
  • MRAP registration will  go live through the school in  late Sept or early October
  • 3rd Grade through 6th Grade teams for residents / students currently enrolled in McFarland School District
  • Girls who participate in MRAP, cannot participate in MGBB as well

IMMS School Ball (7th-8th)

  • IMMS offers School Ball for 7th-8th graders and is run through the school
  • Girls who participate in School Ball can also participate in MGBB