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Summer Programs and Info

Believe to Achieve

Sharp Shooters

It's time to register for this summer's Girls Basketball Sharp Shooters! This program encourages incoming 3rd-8th grade girls to spend their summer taking quality shots, with proper form, on their own time – and rewards them for the total number of shots taken.

Click here to register until May 31, 2023!

This year, we are making some improvements to the program to encourage even more participation and skill development:

  • We're moving to an online submission form for the girls to record their number of shots from June 1 – August 31. No more locating the paper grid and forgetting to hand it in at the end of summer!
  • At least twice a month, we'll be sending out reminders to fill in your grid, as well as skill lessons, game ideas, tips and tricks to keep things fresh and the momentum going throughout the summer.
  • We will have defined prizes for each shot level:
    • Complete the form: McFarland Socks
    • 5,000 Shots: McFarland T-Shirt
    • 10,000 Shots: McFarland Metal Water Bottle
    • 15,000 Shots: McFarland Hooded Sweatshirt

Girls who complete the program will be recognized and award their prizes during a High School Girls Basketball game during the 23/24 season.

Cost is $20 per child. The fee includes a kick-off skills session held on Thursday, June 22 at 6 p.m. and wrap-up skills session held on Wednesday, August 16 at 6 p.m., both led by our High School Girls Basketball Coaches and Team!

Summer Challenges

3-2-1 Shooting Challenge

What's your best score?

MGBB 42 Shooting Challenge

Challenge yourself for your best score!